The fairie’s wood

We start our itinerary starting from Feglino going up the road that goes to Colle Melogno for about 8km. From here we will continue on a beautiful cart that winding through beech woods will take us to Colla San Giacomo. Colla di San Giacomo (796 m a.s.l.) is a pass in the Ligurian Alps, located on the watershed of the main alpine chain. From here a path will lead us through the Fairie’s Wood to then return to the dirt road and back to Feglino.

  • Style: Cross Country

  • Level: Easy

  • Difference: +700mt

  • Cyclability: Asphalt 34%

Passo’s Bridge

We begin our itinerary starting from Feglino, through a cart track with good ground we will go up to Colla San Giacomo. From here a path with a steep but short climb will take us to the slopes of Monte Alto. We will continue the downhill path until we reach the confluence with the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and returning shortly to Colla San Giacomo, we will easily head towards Colla Praboe.

In the final part of the route we will pass through particularly suggestive chestnut woods and then return to Feglino.

  • Style: Cross Country-All Mountain

  • Level: S1

  • Difference: +800mt

  • Cyclability: Asphalt 15%

Manie’s Plateau

Le Manie is a plateau located above the inhabited area of ​​Varigotti where the microclimate and vegetation are unique. Here the path of the famous 24h of Manias develops. Our path, of about 27 km, starts from Colla Magnone and winds through holm oak trees, which blend their scents with those typical of the Mediterranean scrub, accompanied by countless views of the sea. With a climb / descend route we will go into the interior of the plateau, then descend into Val Ponci along the last part of the Via Imperiale Julia Augusta. The Manie represent a real green lung and the short distance that divides the plateau from the sea makes it a destination for food and wine lovers too: in fact, many restaurants and farmhouses offering typical local cuisine. Thanks to its network of paths, paths of different difficulty can be developed!

  • Style: Cross Country-All Mountain

  • Level: S1-S2

  • Difference: partenza da Colla Magnone 200mt; partenza da Finale + 3oomt asfalto.

  • Cyclability: 100%; Asphalt 35%

Feglino-Pian Marino-Finalborgo

Our itinerary starts from Feglino, we will start with a short climb on asphalt until we go on the path to Pian Marino and crossing a beautiful meadow behind the houses of Montesordo. Continuing and passing the houses of Montesordo, we take the asphalt road passing near the Church of the Cinque Campanili, a Renaissance-style building that represents a very rare case in Liguria. Near another church, that of Sant Eusebio, we take a path that passes under Castel Gavone, seat of the Marquis Del Carretto and near Castel San Giovanni, and then descends into the center of Finalborgo.

  • Style: Cross Country-All Mountain

  • Level: S1

  • Difference: + 32omt

  • Cyclability: 100%; Asphalt 70%

Nato’s base-Spotorno

This area of ​​trails takes its name from the abandoned Nato’s Base located on top of the mountain, from which several long paths maintained in a workmanlike manner depart. It is one of the favorite destinations for bikers.
A great ride on the ridge, from the Nato Base towards Colle Cravarezza and then to Colla San Giacomo, to descend to the Rocche Bianche and then along a Sali / Descenti route with beautiful views of the sea up to the Passo Stretto. We will head towards Monte Mao and with a splendid panorama overlooking the sea on the island of Bergeggi, we will continue downhill to Spotorno.

  • Style: Cross Country-All Mountain

  • Level: S1

  • Diffence: + 30omt, -1000mt

  • Cyclability: 100%; Asfalto 35%